Amy Coghlan

Amy Rose Coghlan on why it is important to know about species distribution

From studying fish abundance at her Alma Mater, the University of Western Australia, Amy Rose Coghlan switched to researching fish distributions at the Sea Around Us at the University of British Columbia. That is 14,843 kilometres away from home.

But that wasn’t a straight jump. Before landing in Vancouver, the marine biologist worked as a dive master on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and in Indonesia, did some more studying at the University of Otago in New Zealand, traveled around Nicaragua and the United States and finally ‘settled’ in British Columbia in 2015.

Even though she has been living on Canada’s West Coast for a couple of years now, Amy has never stopped moving around. In addition to a four-month research trip to the Galápagos Islands where she assisted with training of video techniques for sampling fish assemblages, almost every weekend she is in the search for new adventures. Tofino, Lake Louise, Garibaldi Park, Whistler and many more nearby sites have been checked off her list.

Soon, Amy will embark on a new adventure but, before leaving #beautifulBC, she decided to share with us some highlights of her work with the Sea Around Us. Check out the video above.