The Sea Around Us depends on the support of our partners and dedicated individuals to carry out its vital work.

With your help, we will continue to provide unique, global databases of marine and freshwater fisheries catches and related indicators crucial to back marine conservation efforts, including reaching the 30×30 goal. Today, a contribution. Tomorrow, you will have made all the difference.

To donate to the Sea Around Us please click on the button below:

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Your donation supports the catch reconstruction work but also allows us to update:

  • The Marine Trophic Index (MTI) data, which tracks the mean trophic level of fishery catches from an ecosystem, thus showing whether a country is Fishing Down the Marine Food Web.
  • The Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) database, crucial for the protection of marine biodiversity.
  • Economic data closely linked to fisheries, that is, the real value of the catch.
  • The fishing effort database, which shows how much effort is deployed vs. how much is needed and helps back efforts against harmful subsidies and overfishing.
  • Data on the biodiversity in each country’s Exclusive Economic Zone.
  • The database on mariculture production by country.
  • Mapped data on who is fishing where and what.
  • Stock assessments by Marine Ecoregions.

Your contribution will also allow us to bring the following projects to fruition:

  • Estimation of the nutrient content as a measure of the catch to support nutritional security efforts.
  • Estimation of the nutrient content of farmed species to determine how they support food security.
  • Reconstruction of freshwater fisheries catches of every country in the world to complement the marine catch database already created.
  • Expansion of CMSY stocks assessments to cover additional fish populations and back food security and ecosystem conservation efforts.
  • Ground-truthing beneficial ownership of distant-water fleets to have a more accurate picture of who is catching what where and to what purpose.