Want to study with the new Sea Around Us – Indian Ocean?

Scholarships available now

The Sea Around Us – Indian Ocean under the lead of Professor Dirk Zeller is looking for outstanding PhD students interested in conducting ‘big-data’ research on fisheries and fisheries conservation issues at the ocean-basin scale. If this is of interest to you, then consider applying for the Dean’s Excellence in Science PhD Scholarship at the University of Western Australia (UWA) in Perth.

The UWA Faculty of Science offers a limited number of these prestigious scholarships to PhD candidates working with leading researchers to address some of the world’s growing challenges, such as that of over-exploitation of ocean resources.

Applications are now open and candidates should be academically outstanding international and/or Australian students who are eager to advance meaningful research.

The scholarship is awarded over three years, subject to satisfactory progress, with a possible extension of up to six months. This is the regular duration of PhD programs in Australia, as there is normally no graduate course work required (unlike in the North American system).

The package comprises:

• Tuition fees
• A stipend living allowance of AU $40,000 per year
• Research travel / conference allowance of AU $5,000 per year
• A research operating and thesis submission cost allowance of AU $5,000 per year
• Overseas student single health cover (for international students)

Beyond being an outstanding scholarship opportunity, this is a great way to work closely with Professors Dirk Zeller and Jessica Meeuwig of the Sea Around Us – Indian Ocean and the UWA Centre for Marine Futures. Sea Around Us – Indian Ocean team members are also part of the global collaboration network of the Sea Around Us at the University of British Columbia (Vancouver, Canada). Besides being part of this global network of leading researchers, you also get to live very close to great beaches in the beautiful city of Perth.

For more information on how to apply, follow this link.

The Sea Around Us – Indian Ocean was launched in July/August 2017, and is therefore not yet listed under the “current research projects and possible supervisors” links listed.

Please contact Dirk Zeller directly (dirk.zeller@uwa.edu.au) for potential suitability and likely projects. Relevant background information on the purpose of and research conducted by the Sea Around Us can also be found via the material at www.seaaroundus.org.

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