Caesio teres. Photo by Nick Hobgood, Wikimedia Commons.

Want to make a large-scale difference in marine conservation and fisheries? Study with the Sea Around Us – Indian Ocean

Caesio teres. Photo by Nick Hobgood, Wikimedia Commons.

Caesio teres. Photo by Nick Hobgood, Wikimedia Commons.

The Sea Around Us – Indian Ocean under the leadership of Professor Dirk Zeller at the University of Western Australia is looking for highly qualified PhD candidates interested in conducting ‘big-data’ and meta-analysis research on fisheries and fisheries conservation issues at the ocean-basin scale.

If this is of interest to you, then consider applying here

Please only consider applying after consultation with Prof. Zeller on suitable projects. The scholarship round for international candidates is now open and closes August 30th, while for domestic (Australian) candidates, the round will open in September 2019.

The University of Western Australia offers a limited number of these competitive scholarships each year to work with leading researchers to address some of the world’s growing challenges, such as that of over-exploitation of ocean resources. Candidates need to be academically outstanding students on the international stage (i.e., First Class Honours or top-5% Master’s degrees essential) who are eager to advance meaningful, high-output research, and who have not completed or are not currently engaged in a PhD elsewhere. Clearly demonstrated, excellent written and oral skills in English are essential, and previous authorship in peer-reviewed scientific papers in international journals a great advantage. Large database skills (SQL, etc.) and/or programming skills (R, etc.) are an advantage but not compulsory. A desire and ability to be an active part of a large international team are crucial.

Beyond being outstanding scholarship opportunities, this is a great way to work closely with the Sea Around Us – Indian Ocean at the University of Western Australia and the global Sea Around Us network and initiative at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. Professor Zeller also regularly collaborates and partners with Professor Jessica Meeuwig and the UWA Marine Futures Lab. Emphasis is on big-data science at the ocean-basin scale and globally, and research projects focus on high written output in the scientific literature, accompanied by public and media outreach. Besides the excellent professional development opportunities for being part of this global network of leading researchers, you also get to live very close to great beaches in the beautiful city of Perth.

Please contact Dirk Zeller directly (dirk.zeller(at) for potential suitability and likely projects. Suitable candidates will be encouraged to apply for scholarships after extensive discussions and after a project has been agreed upon. Early contact is essential, well before the scholarship application deadline. Relevant background information on the purpose of and research conducted by the Sea Around Us can also be found via the material on this website, in particular, in the Articles section and in Dr. Zeller’s publications profile.