Prof. Dirk Zeller at St. Catherine's College.

Empowering future leaders and exploring nature conservation at St. Catherine’s College

Prof. Dirk Zeller at St. Catherine's College.

Prof. Dirk Zeller at St. Catherine’s College.

By Shannon Barrie – Sea Around Us – Indian Ocean

St. Catherine’s College, located adjacent to the University of Western Australia, recently organized a Faculty and Industry Dinner for their students and selected guests. The event brought together a diverse group of speakers, each possessing unique insights into nature conservation and environmental issues. Among the renowned speakers were John Curtin Distinguished Professor Kingsley Dixon, as well as experts from government, industry and civil society. Adding to the speaking roster was Professor Dirk Zeller, the Director of the Sea Around Us – Indian Ocean.

The objective of the event was to provide students with diverse perspectives on the wide array of roles that environmental conservation plays in shaping a sustainable future, and to challenge their role and actions in the arena of nature conservation and a liveable future. The speakers were asked to offer insights into their respective fields and experiences around nature conservation. These talks paved the way for a subsequent open discussion centred on four thought-provoking and contentious questions.

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