Biodiversity of Sea Around Us catch data

The Sea Around Us Biodiversity tool gives users access to key information regarding taxa in our database.

When searching for information regarding Bigeye tuna (Thunnus obesus) in Australia’s EEZ, the following information is displayed:


Other filters that can be used for the Biodiversity tool include LME, RMFO, FAO area, and High Seas regions, for each country; and also filters by taxon level and taxon group.

The Biodiversity tool pulls much of its information from the FishBase database.

Users can also find global catch data for each taxa. For example, below is the interactive graph for Bigeye tuna:


From the Sea Around Us Methods document:

“…there are 2,039 species level taxa in the Sea Around Us catch database (number subject to change over time), which currently belong to 262 genera, 187 families, 19 orders, 11 classes and 5 phyla.”