2022 Blog Posts

2022 blog posts

2022 Blog Posts

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New FCRR: Marine and Freshwater Miscellanea IV

Researchers push for Saint-Pierre and Miquelon to embrace the sea once again

Daniel Pauly among IMPAC5 keynote speakers


EcoScope coordinator visits the Sea Around Us at UBC

Sea Around Us updates catch data to 2019

Expecting aquaculture to ‘feed the world’ may be unrealistic, UBC-led study shows

What if we stopped thinking of fish as commodities?


Sea Around Us team salutes the sockeye

A fisheries scientist in Penang, Malaysia


Sea Around Us PhD candidate going to COP27


Local stakeholder involvement key to understanding protection level of MPAs

“Heading for failure”: UN Sustainable Development Goal for World Oceans


Trilobites’ growth may have resembled that of modern marine crustaceans

Unrelated theories coincide on link between respiratory stress and fish reproduction

Video tutorials of CMSY stock assessment method now freely available


The Ocean’s Whistleblower – A conversation with Daniel Pauly


Daniel Pauly’s book on how fish breathe and grow translated into Chinese

New research pinpoints ‘blue corridors’ for highly migratory fish


New sea garden story map showcases Indigenous mariculture practices across the Pacific

Sea Around Us research included in ‘definitive volume on large marine ecosystems’

New measurements show seadragons grow slowly, but in a fashion similar to other bony fish


Sea sponges need oxygen, as fish and people do

Protecting 30 per cent of the ocean by 2030 would barely impact fisheries

The mechanisms behind the huge size of individual silver-cheeked toadfish in the Mediterranean


Jeffrey Hutchings

New model helps predict climate change-induced early spawning in fish


Data confirm link between respiratory stress and fish reproduction