Media following Global Paper

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

On Janurary 21st the Sea Around Us published in the journal Nature Communications the results of over a decade of research.

Data were collected from over 200 countries and territories to reconstruct the amount of fish that is being pulled out of our oceans.

After the research was published, media from around the world reported on the story. Here is just a sampling of those stories:

The GuardianOverfishing causing global catches to fall three times faster than estimated

The Washington PostWhy we’ve been hugely underestimating the overfishing of the oceans

BBCGlobal fishing catch significantly under-reported, says study

Nature NewsIndependent study tallies ‘true catch’ of global fishing

Le Monde (France) – La surpêche et le déclin des ressources ont été largement sous-estimés

El Pais (Spain) – La humanidad pesca 32 millones de toneladas de peces a escondidas

O Globo (Brazil) – Peso do pescado global é subestimado, diz pesquisa