2023 Blog Posts

2023 blog posts

2023 Blog Posts

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Making an inaccessible text available

Large subsidized fleets operating in the Indian Ocean plunder fisheries resources crucial in food-insecure communities

Navigating challenges in scientific publishing: A letter to young scientists

Sea Around Us unveils new logo


Tuna species popular in sashimi and poke bowls in sharp decline in the Indian Ocean

Once they have laid their eggs, fish become ‘young’ again


AI-powered data-limited stock assessment method more accurate than ‘gold standard’ in predicting sustainable fisheries catches

Sea Around Us project manager joins Sustainability, Predictability and Resilience of Marine Ecosystems program committee

Sea Around Us project manager and AquaMaps coordinator launch aquatic data sciences course

Daniel Pauly and Rashid Sumaila featured in new film pushing for WTO agreement on fisheries subsidies

Toward a one-day conference devoted to the Gill-Oxygen Limitation Theory

Advancing Sustainable Seafood Systems and Marine Conservation: Sea Around Us – Indian Ocean & Harvard University Collaboration


Egyptian Mediterranean fisheries in urgent need of better management

Overfishing and climate change impacts on New Zealand’s fish populations were hidden – until now

Empowering future leaders and exploring nature conservation at St. Catherine’s College

Market-based solution makes the case for blue carbon


Groundfish barely feel the impact of marine heatwaves – showing there’s still time to act on climate change

Fish species show surprisingly narrow combination of traits

Sea Around Us co-authored report sheds light on the overexploitation of Belize’s commercially important marine species

FishBase: A citation powerhouse and essential resource in dealing with global issues


Large fish more vulnerable to climate change-induced fish kills

International FishBase and SeaLifeBase Symposium – 2023

Socotra’s catch reconstruction: rising pressure on overfished stocks


How warmer waters from climate change affect fish’s biochemistry (and growth)

Indian Ocean catches of pricey and vulnerable sharks and tunas 30 per cent higher than officially reported

Explore the Sea Around Us database – in two minutes


Rising catches in the Indian Ocean hint at risk to sustainability

Daniel Pauly receives honorary doctorate from the University of Crete


Keep growing – Fish’s growth is not reduced by spawning

Sea Around Us – Indian Ocean researchers urge the EU to support ban on drifting fish aggregating devices

Fish biodiversity facing global change – Sea Around Us co-organizes FISHGLOB conference


Paper Park Index helps identify 49 unprotected marine protected areas

Event – Vanishing Fish: The Fight for Global Ocean Justice


‘Nobel Prize for environment’ awarded to Daniel Pauly and Rashid Sumaila

Daniel Pauly at IMPAC5 – De facto MPAs vs. paper parks


Sea Around Us presents report findings at the European Parliament

Most coral reef sharks and rays may be at risk of extinction

Sea Around Us co-organizes IMPAC5 side event