2021 blog posts

2021 Blog Posts

2021 blog posts

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New book recounts the remarkable life and work of Daniel Pauly, The Ocean’s Whistleblower

High impact fishing dominates catches in many parts of the world

How much fish is left? Sea Around Us now provides assessments for over 2,500 stocks


Oceana audit finds that Canada is failing its marine fisheries

Dirk Zeller named Australia’s Top Researcher in his field for 2021

“Race to jellyfish” leaves Mexican fishery in turbulent water


Nearly 300 scientists ask the WTO to ban harmful fisheries subsidies

What really makes fish become sexually active

Daniel Pauly receives BBVA Frontiers of Knowledge Award in Ecology and Conservation Biology

Documenting mapping global expansion of industrial fishing from 1950 to 2018


Daniel Pauly’s biography now available in English

FishBase and SeaLifeBase 2021 Anniversary Symposium

Meet the Members of the FishBase Consortium


High cod catches could have been sustained in Eastern Canada for decades, simple stock assessment method shows

The Sea Around Us in the cloud

Paris to host the FishBase and SeaLifeBase Anniversary Symposium

As fishing effort grows, catches decline in the Mozambique Channel region


Warming waters alter fish community in Lake Peipsi

Bottom trawling global extent, impacts, and solutions


A few missing fish: US West Coast recreational and discarded catches

Sea Around Us updates catch numbers to 2018

Fish nutrient profile now available on FishBase

Sea Around Us’ collaborator says shark fishing should be considered ocean vandalism


Cury and Pauly publish Obstinate Nature

William Cheung among top 20 climate scientists according to Reuters


Small-scale fisheries can back food security efforts in Arabian Sea countries

Daniel Pauly featured in Extinction: The Facts

Data from baited remote underwater video systems now available on FishBase


Tilapias are not precocious, they are just resilient

Daniel Pauly receives Prof. N. Balakrishnan Nair Memorial International Fisheries Guru Award


Vanishing Fish now available in Japanese

The Sea Around Us team chooses to challenge


The people behind FishBase and SeaLifeBase

Dirk Zeller talks about conservation vs. blue economic growth in Western Australia

Daniel Pauly awarded Beverton Medal by Fisheries Society of the British Isles