Veronica Relano – PhD

VeronicaRelanoPhotoVeronica was born far away from the sea in the center of Spain. However, she always felt drawn to the ocean. Thus, when it was time to go to college, she chose to pursue two degrees at the University of Cadiz, one in Marine Sciences and the other in Environmental Sciences. At the time, she was also actively engaged in environmental education and social inequalities.

She spent one year at Kingston University and afterward she became a Mundus scholar pursuing a Master in Marine Environment and Resources. She graduated with a dissertation on an alternative wave energy converter at the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research in Wellington.

After her kiwi experience, she moved to Germany and began working at the Technical University of Munich in the Department of Aquatic Systems Biology where she focused primarily on assessing the effects of hydropower plants on the surrounding ecosystems.

Veronica is now a “La Caixa”- scholar pursuing her doctorate studies in fisheries at UBC under Dr. Daniel Pauly’s supervision. Throughout her PhD degree, she wants to focus on connectivity and other marine conservation issues within and between Marine Protected Areas. She is also contributing her research-skills to advance the work of the Sea Around Us.