Hans Christian Groß – VIRS


Hans Christian Groß grew up in Frankfurt, Germany, where he initially studied physics. Down the road, he realized his passion lay more in direct engagement with nature and switched to studying biology. He completed his BSc in biology at Philipps-Universität Marburg and is now pursuing a master’s degree in Biodiversity and Conservation.

In 2022, he worked at a marine research station in Quebec, where he furthered his knowledge of whales. This experience solidified his fascination with these remarkable animals and continues to inspire him to this day. He is passionate about animals and plants and loves spending time outdoors, searching for wildlife and flora.

Now back on the other side of Canada at UBC, he wants to learn more about the work of the Sea Around Us by updating the reconstruction of freshwater and marine fisheries catches in Alaska during his three-month term as a Visiting International Research Student. He is also enjoying the beautiful nature of British Columbia.

In his spare time, Hans Christian loves doing nature photography, spending time with friends, and seeking new experiences. His life goal is to help preserve the world’s incredible biodiversity for future generations. He strives to show everyone the beauty of nature and emphasize the importance of conservation.