Chengpu Jiang – VIRS

IMG_20150625_085812-minChengpu Jiang comes from the central plains, Henan province, China. When she was 18 years old, she moved to Xiamen, a southern city in China to go to Jimei University and pursue an “unfamiliar” major (Marine Science and Technology); it was the first time she saw the vast and blue sea. Besides being curious about the ocean, she fell in love with it.

For her master’s degree, Chengpu chose marine biology and devoted herself to the study of the structure of fish communities in mangrove ecosystems. Now in her doctorate studies at Xiamen University, she continues to focus on mangrove ecosystems but also looks at fish diversity and fisheries management. The latter brought her to UBC.

Under the supervision of Dr. Daniel Pauly, she wants to conduct research on fisheries management and changing mangrove ecosystems. Her focus is on assessing and predicting the status of fishery resources in mangrove ecosystems, especially in China. She hopes that the outputs of her research help people to realize the importance of mangrove ecosystems in her home country.