Vicky Lam- Post-Doc

vickypic2014_2Vicky is a Fisheries Economist and Postdoctoral Research Fellow of the Sea Around Us Project (SAUP) at the University of British Columbia (UBC). She is currently working on global catch reconstruction project.

She completed her PhD under the supervision of Dr. Rashid Sumaila in Resources Management and Environmental Studies at the Fisheries Centre, UBC in 2013. Vicky’s research interests focus on understanding the effect of climate change on the economics of major commercial marine fisheries at the global scale. Her thesis focused on understanding: (1) the global cost of fishing and its pattern under current climate regime; (2) the extent of economics impact of climate change on global fisheries in terms of change in economic variables including fishing costs, landed values and ultimately the economic rents of the fisheries sector; and (3) the socio-economic implication of the impacts of projected climate change and ocean acidification on marine resources in some regions, which are highly vulnerable to the change in climate, such as the Arctic region and West Africa. For her PhD study, she has already developed a global cost of fishing database which provides important fundamental information for scientists, researchers and fisheries managers to assess economic status of fisheries at local, regional and global scales.

Vicky has also involved in several global collaborative interdisciplinary research projects including research on the impact of ocean acidification on marine resources and the study on the indicators of the global ocean health. For a full list of her publications, please click here. [Hyperlink:]


Lydia Teh – Post-Doc

Lydia completed her PhD at UBC’s Resource Management and Environmental Studies programme in 2011. Her thesis focused on fishers’ behaviour and spatial management of small-scale fisheries. Lydia joined the Sea Around Us in 2012 and has worked on marine fish catch reconstructions in Southeast Asia. Since 2014, she has been the Sea Around Us post-doc for the Ocean Health Index as part of our partnership with Conservation International.

See Lydia’s Fisheries Centre profile.