Anna Luna Rossi – MSc Student

Anna Luna Rossi

Anna Luna grew up between the lakes of Quebec and the Mediterranean Coast of France, where she developed a close relationship with the water. Seeing whales for the first time on Quebec’s northern coast when she was a kid kickstarted her passion for the ocean.

She completed her BSc in Biological Sciences at the University of Montreal, specializing in Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolution. Following that, she set off on a year-and-a-half travel and eco-volunteering journey across Southeast Asia with the goal of deepening her grasp of the world’s marine ecosystems. Now, she’s excited about pursuing her MSc at the University of British Columbia, under the supervision of Daniel Pauly.

Travelling around the world to several tropical islands and earning her scuba diving certifications was a milestone in her aspiring marine biologist journey: it broadened her perspective on the remarkable diversity within marine ecosystems and the intricate connections that coastal communities share with the ocean. Her research interests are driven by a strong desire to contribute to the fight against the impacts of climate change, especially by working on providing a better understanding of how to sustainably manage fisheries and monitor marine life.

Part of her scientific pursuits are also geared towards raising awareness about global biodiversity and the vital significance of safeguarding our ecosystems, through photography and writing. She’s part of the council and scientific committee of Reserva, an organization aiming to empower young people to make a difference in species and habitat protection through education and conservation projects.

During her free time, Anna Luna also enjoys going on hiking trips with her friends, paddle boarding on BC lakes, painting and reading books.