Dalal Al-Abdulrazzak – Ph.D. Student

DalalBioPic2Hailing from Kuwait City, Kuwait , Dalal Al-Abdulrazzak entertained an early passion for marine biology by spending countless hours submerged amongst the coral reefs of the Persian Gulf. Her enthusiasm for marine life grew into a lifelong love for ecology and conservation. After graduating cum laude with a BA in Environmental Studies & Conservation Biology from Middlebury College, VT, Dalal received a Watson Fellowship to travel to Panama, the Bahamas, New Zealand, Fiji, Palau, the Seychelles, and South Africa to research the extent to which cultural context influences shark conservation efforts. From 2013-2015 she worked as a Marine Policy Analyst with the Water and Oceans Governance Group at the UNDP Headquarters in New York City.

In 2015 she completed her PhD dissertation  entitled “In the Wake of the Dhow: Historical Changes in the Marine Ecology and Fisheries of the Persian Gulf” under the supervision of Dr. Daniel Pauly, and is currently a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow with the Sea Around Us. Her current research interests lie in the historical marine ecology of the Persian Gulf. Through a variety of historical documents she hopes to assess and quantify changes in the distribution and abundance of marine species in the Gulf in order to establish more accurate baselines from which to measure changes. A complete list of publications can be found at: http://www.al-abdulrazzak.com/publications