An A-Z of advanced research in British Columbia (excerpt)
The Vancouver Sun Fri 14 May 2004
Page: A14
Byline: Nicholas Read

At UBC, there are more than 5,000 research projects going on at any one time, says vice-president of research Indira Samarasekera.

"There is no limit on questions. The whole map of discovery has no boundaries," Samarasekera says. "I don't think humankind, certainly not for the foreseeable future, will be able to ask all the questions we need to understand our natural environment, for example.

"We live in a world that's constantly changing. Nothing is a constant, so the questions change over time, too."

The following are UBC research projects included in the A-Z of research feature:


UBC: Daniel Pauly, commenting on the overfishing crisis, remarks drily that it may not be a problem at all "as long as your children like plankton stew." However, his research shows that if conservation is allowed to rule, marine ecosystems can recover, as long as the species in question isn't extinct.