Carcinogens found in farm-raised Atlantic salmon raise health alarms
The Edmonton Journal Fri 09 Jan 2004
Page: A3
Byline: Tom Spears

Farm-raised Atlantic salmon, a popular fish on North American supermarket shelves, is so contaminated with cancer-causing chemicals that people should eat it no more than once a month, according to authors of the study in the journal Science.

It also recommends that consumers check the country of origin whenever they buy Atlantic salmon, limiting consumption of European fish because it contains the highest levels of PCBs, pesticides and other pollutants.

Until now, no one had done a big study of many salmon from many sources, says UBC fisheries scientist Daniel Pauly. He said this should be a starting point for the study of balancing the risks and benefits of eating farmed salmon, "because up to now the discussion didn't happen. Now it has been forced onto the discussion table."