Sandwich with jellyfish: Fish stocks of North Atlantic will have been collapsed by the year 2010
Eleftheria Trikalwn, 20 Feb 02

Fish stocks, such as those of cod and tuna, have been reduced remarkably during the past few decades in the North Atlantic. Based on results of the Sea Around Us Project, fish catches are constantly declining, while fishing effort exhibits the opposite trend. The declining of fish stocks has already forced fishermen to start targeting species, which haven't before been considered suitable for human consumption. According to Reg Watson and Daniel Pauly, researchers from the Fisheries Centre of the University of British Columbia "we will be soon consuming sandwiches with jellyfish". In addition, in the Gulf of Main, sea cucumber catches have outnumbered those of cod. They conclude that the solution to the problem lies on a less intense exploitation of the world's oceans with a reduced size of the world's fishing fleet. (Translation by Vasiliki Karpouzi)

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